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Bivvy, started with the belief that there is a better way to buy and sell your outdoor gear.  We know that the community of outdoor adventurers are passionate about their equipment and have a common bond, even if their pursuits are different.  We are passionate about gear.  If you are like us, your garage or shed is packed with gear, ready for all sorts of adventures.  You have your go to items, your old favorites, and the must bring ones.  Each season you go through the various Gear Guides and Gear of the Year lists and make a wish list.  Yeah, we do that too.  But, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to sell some of your less used items, to help fund and make space for some of those new ones?  Or if you wanted to first try out a sport with quality used gear, or frankly, you don’t want to pay retail prices when a quality second hand item will fit the bill.


For sellers, we didn’t understand why your kayak, tent, bike, etc. needed to compete with thousands of other unrelated items like furniture, jewelry, or kitchen appliances.  Why not nurture a community of like minded people, who are just looking for quality gear for their next adventure, and enable members to post their item for sale?  The advantages are clear.  An active group of buyers,  who understand the value of your items.


And if you are looking for nearly new gear, wouldn’t it be great if items were categorized correctly and search worked. Like, if you searched for SUP’s wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t get a bunch of surfboards?  Or worse, you searched for skis and you get a list of snow skis, jet skis, cross-country skis, water skis… and you have to wade through all of them to find what you want.





We felt the same way too, and that is why we created Bivvy.


Bivvy is based out of Los Angeles, California and we are passionate about the beauty of the outdoors and the thrills and moments that come with adventures.



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About Us

Bivvy started with the believe that there must be a better way to sell your gear or easily find quality stuff. Dedicated to all outdoor pursuits, we enable you to find, buy or sell items.

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